Conditions générales de vente
General Information:'s online store was created and is used by the company ASLSnet. Any order taken for one of the product within the website 's online store implies that the present conditions of use have been read and understood.
Consequently, the user admits having been perfectly informed of the fact that his concent regarding the contents of the present general conditions of use not needing a written signature of this document, in the event the client wishes do order online products presented within the confines of the webstie's store.
The client is given the ability to save or edit the present general conditions, while it remains his own responsability to ensure the modification made to this document are saved.
The entirety of this information is presented in English. The client attests to having full juridictional capacity allowing him to bind himself to the present general condition.
Article 1: Areas of application and modification of the general conditions of use
The current general conditions of use apply to all orders places on the website

ASLSnet reserves the right to adapt or modify at any given time the current conditions of use. In the event of a modification, it will only apply to orders placed after said alteration.
Article 2: Price
The product prices are shown in euros, and do not include VAT, nor any possible customs charges and are only applicable on the date the order has been placed by the client. They do not include shipping costs, which are charged seperately,and shown before validation.

ASLSnet reserves the right to modify its prices at any given time but commits to applying the prices as shown at the time of your order.
Article 3: Methods of payment and security
3.1: Methods of Payment

You may pay:
  • By Cheque: Your order is then reserved for 7 days. Beyond this delay, if we have not received your cheque, it will be cancelled. The order shall only be sent upon reception of your cheque and after validation.
  • By bank-transfer: Your order is then reserved for 7 days. Beyond this delay, if we have not received your tranfer, it will be cancelled. The order will only be validated and sent once the transfer has been completed. Bank charges are at the client's charge.

3.2: Proof of transaction

The computerized registers, kept within the computer system of the company ASLSnet in the conditions of security, will be considered as proof of communication, of both the orders and payments that have occured between both parties. The storage of orders and invoices is placed on a durable and reliable support which can be as evidence.
Article 4: Methods of expedition
ASLSnet commits to abide to the shipping price shown at the time of the order and reserves the right to change transporter depending on the size and weight of the products ordered, as well as the country of destination.

ASLSnet commits to keeping the client informed with regards to delivery delays within two days of the order being placed.
The delays shown correspond to the average delays with regards to the reception of parts that are not in stock, processing, preperation, and expedition of your order.
To this delay, we must add the transporter's own delivery delay..

For orders containing multiple products or containing a product on pre-order, the delivery delay is then based on the longest delay. However, ASLSnet reserves the right to seperate the order into several deliveries, at no extra charge to the client.
Article 5: Orders
ASLSnet reserves the right to refuse to make a delivery or to complete an order made by a client who has not fully or partially paid for a previous order or with whom a payement recovery procedure would be in effect or whom would not be insured by the Coface.

5.1 Validation of orders and electronic signature (French law of march 13 2000 on electronic signatures)

Any order signed by the client by a "clic" constitutes an irrevocable agreement which can not be questioned within the boundaries of the current conditions of use.

The "clic" associated with the athentification and non-repudiation procedure and to the protection of the integrity of the messages constitutes an electronic signature. This electronic signature has the same value between the parties as a handwritten signature.

5.2 Product availability

Our product offers and prices are valid for as long as they are visible on the website, within stock availability.

Upon reception of your order, we check the ordered product(s)'s availability. In the event they are not in stock, we commit, within a delay of 30 days of the validation of the order, to either deliver the product ordered, to offer you a similar product at a similar price, or to remove the product from your order.

Should one or more of the products in your order be out of stock we will send you the rest of your order. The back ordered products will be send as soon as they are available. Unless the client requests that the products not in stock are not to be « kept on back order ». However, in the event of a promotional sale based on quantity, or of a price established with regards to a certain quantity, the products on back order may not, under any cisumstance, be cancelled by the client.

5.3 Order Modification

ASLSnet reserves the right to bring modifications to orders. The modifications will only be made with the client's written or oral concent, and an e-mail will systematically be sent to the client to keep him informed of the moficiation.

5.4 Clause of reservation of property

The products remain the property of ASLSnet until the funds for the order have been fully tranfered. However upon reception of the order by client the risque relating to the merchandise delivered is tranfered over to the client.

5.5 Procedure general return conditions

In order to identify and thus deal wuickly with returns, any product which needs to be returned must be mentioned in an email sned to our staff, requesting the return of said product. Failure to do so may result in the refusal of the product's return.
In order to correctly deal with your order, please mention you order number as well as the reason for the return.

We recommend making the return through registered package mail. If it is not, and if the package, sent by you to us as a return, did not arrive you would no longer able to make a claim with the postal services in order to have them find the package.

WARNING : No return will be accepted if the product returned can no longer be sold. Thus, the product must be returned in perfect condition, in its original packaging, unopened, sealed, undamaged, unmarked…. Should it not be, the product will be returned to you, at your charge.

5.6 Products on pre-order

Le official release date is, when applicable, on the product details page.
Pre-order allows you to buy, and thus reserve, your product in advance.
Article 6 : Tribunal compétent
Tout litige relatif à l’interprétation et à l’exécution des présentes conditions générales de vente est soumis au droit français.
En cas de contestation, le Tribunal de Commerce d'Antibes est seul compétent, même en cas d’appel en garantie ou de pluralité de défendeurs. Nos dispositions ou l’acceptation de règlement n’opèrent ni novation ni dérogation à cette clause attributive de juridiction.
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